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Choosing the right materials and design are critical but what is the right packaging style for your brand?


In a visual society where Instagram reigns supreme it is no surprise that the packaging of a product plays a large part in how it is perceived. Choosing the right materials and design are critical but what is the right style for your brand?

Here, we’ve assembled a short list of the top trends in packaging right now to help get you started.

Minimal or Simplistic

Less is more. Gone are the days of flashy packaging that bombard you with all the information you (don’t) need. Consumers no longer want their packaging to shout at them, now favouring a more honest approach and simple look.

Handwritten words or handdrawn logos and a clean/natural colour palette are becoming more prominent in product packaging. This is not just for new, innovative brands. Even well established and luxury brands are shifting their advertising and packaging concept to a more simple one. Subtle and understated are preferred over cluttered, loud and obvious. Costello + Hellerstein Packaging


UK chocolate truffle maker, Costello + Hellerstein goes for an abstract, minimalistic look.

Abstract elements are also becoming more common and are often supported by a monochromatic or dichromatic palette.


Taking a less commercial and more personal approach to packaging is another popular trend. Consumers are favouring packaging that looks less mass produced, which goes hand in hand with the minimal trend. A popular personal packaging style is to make it look handmade and, as mentioned above, to favour handdrawn style fonts and logos.

KeepCupKeepCup’s logo looks almost hand drawn and the font handwritten.

Stanley Honey Packaging

Stanley Honey’s packaging can be turned into a flower pot after consumption.


Sustainability is a societal trend that is flowing through to packaging design. With so many sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options, this is a trend that can be easily adopted when considering your new packaging’s design.

Eco-friendly packaging has been around for some time but due to the mass uptake it has also become more affordable. Kraft paper, for example, is currently the preferred mode of packaging as it is both sustainable and affordable.

Another level of this trend is multi-purpose or reusable packaging, meaning that customers can upcycle packaging and give it another life as something else. Plus, it adds novelty to the product. If you are new to packaging, or are looking for an idea that’s a little bit different, chatting with an expert packaging specialist can open up options you’d never thought of or perhaps even heard of.

HangerpakHangerpak’s packaging can be turned into a clothes hanger.


Digitally Connected

There’s no escaping technology, so use it to your advantage by linking your online presence with your physical presence. A good way of doing this is by including a simple QR code or social media handles on your packaging.

McDonalds packagingMcDonalds uses their drink cups to link consumers with their digital channels by including QR codes. 

Tactile Appearance

Businesses previously believed a uniform branding approach was key for strong brand recognition but today’s trends are heading towards more variety of design.

This is especially common with brands that offer many variations of each product such as multiple flavours. Businesses are opting to produce a variety of packaging for each variation, with a unifying theme. Most of the time, only contrast of colours represent the flavour of the product.

Scheweppes packagingSchweppes goes for a variety of colourful, artistic packaging.

While packaging’s core function is to contain, protect and transport a product, it needs to be so much more to help drive sales. Well-constructed and designed packaging is crucial, so by keeping up with current trends, you’ll be setting your new product, or existing one, up with the best chance of success.


First published May 2015.