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St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria—Vinnies CEO Sleepout Thursday 22nd June 2017
Location: Victoria

About Us: The St Vincent de Paul Society and its wide network of members and volunteers provide practical frontline support, advocacy and friendship for the most vulnerable members of our community. Key services include home visitation; Vinnies Shops; youth programs; soup vans; assistance for asylum seekers and refugees; compeer programs for people experiencing mental illness; education and tutoring.

What We Do/Our Work: Our biggest annual event is the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. This year’s campaign—#FaceToFace with Poverty—aims to educate the community about life below the poverty line and the invaluable role of volunteers who connect with people face-to-face to rebuild their lives. The Vinnies CEO Sleepout was initiated in 2006 by a St Vincent de Paul Society volunteer in Sydney and has now grown into a successful national event, hosted annually during winter in every state and territory around Australia.

The event collectively raises more than $6.5m across the country every year, which is used to support vital services for people experiencing homelessness, including crisis accommodation, food vouchers, soup vans, rent assistance, referral services and more. It is experiential, allowing participants to reflect on the experiences of people living below the poverty line or without secure accommodation, by sleeping in a ‘rough’ location for one night on a piece of cardboard. To find out more visit

How You Can Help: Go to to nominate a CEO to register yourself, nominate your boss or donate to a participant.



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Phone number: 03 9895 5884
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Twitter handle: @CEOSleepout
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More than 725,000 Victorians are living below the poverty line—2.5million people nationwide—which provides a startling insight into just how many people are doing it tough.

“As part of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, participants will be invited to discuss how our perceptions, responses and the discourse surrounding homelessness is impacting the lives of people in need. We also want to explore how we can collectively prevent homelessness and alleviate poverty,” says St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria CEO, Ms Sue Cattermole.

“No-one wants or chooses to experience homelessness—and it’s important for us to be aware of the stereotypes that so commonly hold these individuals back from a full recovery. Every person has their own story and it’s vital for us to give them the chance to share it, face-to-face, without judgement.

“Join us for one night, face-to-face with poverty, to learn how you can personally make a difference.”

Rosemary McKenzie

Rosemary McKenzie

Rosemary McKenzie is Co-Publisher and Co-Founder of Samara Magazine. A seasoned businesswoman, she is also Director of successful mortgage broking business, Melbourne Mortgage Solutions.
Rosemary McKenzie