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Meet Johanna Parker, a heart-centered life and confidence coach, counsellor and international speaker from Heart Sparks.

About Me

Name: Johanna Parker

Location: Melbourne, VIC

My expertise: I am a heart-centered life and confidence coach, counsellor and international speaker.

I admire… my beautiful mother because she has always had such a peaceful, compassionate presence and at a fairly young age she moved from her hometown of Melbourne to support the work of her husband and his family in a very small country town (where I was later born). She has always kept such a quiet but firm sense of self and she taught me at a very young age what it is to truly listen. I would not work with the strong sense of purpose, love and passion that I do if it was not for her influence.

What I love most about my business is… the way that my heart soars in that shared moment with a coaching client when they realise they have achieved the very same goals that they thought were outside the realm of possibility when we began working together. I love celebrating that shared understanding that their life will never look quite the same again. Working with people is such a huge privilege and as a life coach I get to ask people the most incredible questions and share in a part of a person’s journey that others don’t always get to see.


If I could invite any three business people to coffee, I’d invite… Brené Brown, Seane Corn and Richard Branson.

We are not planted in the ground like trees, so if we don’t like what we are doing in our business or it is not serving us well, we can change it.

What’s the best business advice you’ve been given? And by who? The stunning and incredibly talented Julie Parker from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy once told me that “no matter what else or who else is out there, no-one will ever be able to portray a message in the exact same way that you can, and that the world is full of people who will never fully understand a message unless they hear it in your words.” This sentiment propelled me into passionate action in my first year of business and I have never looked back.

The best business advice I can give is… I think that we can often get stuck in thinking that the things we don’t like are permanent. We are not planted in the ground like trees, so if we don’t like what we are doing in our business or it is not serving us well, we can change it. When we courageously step out of our comfort zone we will often be surprised by how fast it will expand to catch up to us.

About My BusinessHeartSparks

Business name: Heart Sparks

Industry: Life coaching, personal development, health and wellbeing, community services

Location: Australia Wide

Tell us about your business... As a life and confidence coach at Heart Sparks, I support women to discover their passions, to become more confident and connected to themselves and to build authentic, purposeful lives that leave them overflowing with peace, joy and pride. People usually work with me because they want more of something. More time for themselves, more self-love, more confidence, more positive relationships, more energy, more direction, more momentum, or simply a more optimistic attitude overall. They want to FEEL different than they do right now and find themselves wondering if their life is as good as it is ever going to get. As well as working with people through one-on-one coaching I also speak to groups about a range of topics focused on living a passionate and authentic life. I love to leave audiences with practical tools and strategies that can continue to empower and serve them for the rest of their lives. I am also an assistant trainer with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, supporting future life coaches to build beautiful businesses and serve others in the most incredible ways.

When did you start your business? Heart Sparks was established in December 2010.

What’s your role in the business? I am the founder (head Heart-Sparker).

Tell us about your product and/or service: At Heart Sparks I provide a range of life coaching packages for individuals, counselling services, personal development workshops for groups and inspiring speaking offers to enhance events.

What is your Point of Difference? What gives you the edge over your competitors? 

I believe with every ounce of my being that we are capable of anything we want in life when we are no-one other than our true, authentic selves. I support the beautiful people I work with to understand that they are enough. They learn to love themselves more, to be the most proud in their own skin that they have ever been, to bring more positivity into their lives and to build an unwavering sense of self that propels them in the direction of their biggest dreams. I love to provide highly practical tools that can be reapplied to any stage or area of life over time so that anyone who works with me can confidently make meaningful, sustainable changes in their lives well beyond our time together.

Who is your target market? I work with women (and a few brave men) aged between 18 and 38.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? You don’t have to change yourself in order to seem more like the people around you. You aren’t meant to be like someone else, or be like anyone else. You are enough, just as you are. And when you are able to accept that, you will be unstoppable.


How to Connect and Contact Me

Phone: +61 419 570 770



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