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The latest column from Sandy McDonald…

Our article today is focused on the key qualities of a Direct Selling Company you need to consider when you are looking at joining and becoming a Business Partner.

(There are various names used for independent sales people. Consultant is another popular name used.)

This is an interesting topic to comment on as often you can find yourself connected to a company through your love of their product or services. This brings up our first tip!

1. Be Passionate About the Product

To love the product is essential if you are to be authentic and credible when promoting it to others.

If you are not connected to a company yet but have decided this is what you would like to get involved in then I would still look first at the product.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:

Would I use this product, is it at a good price point, is it consumable?

Does it have a guarantee or warranty and a refund policy?

Finally could I be convincing promoting this product?

2. Is the Company a Member of Direct Selling Australia

This goes without saying if the company is not a member of the DSA I would wonder why not and look at another company being sure it’s a member company.

3. What is the Compensation and Reward Structure – Often Referred to as the Business Plan

A Business Plan is the way a Direct Selling Company rewards you for your efforts!

For example:

How much does it cost to join?

What would be the commission you would earn on a personal sale?

What would be the commission you would earn if you introduce somebody else to the business?

This is often referred to as sponsoring, recruiting or enrolling.

You can even be rewarded for becoming a leader and developing other leaders in your team. These simple examples can just be the beginning of what some companies offer.

4. Look at the Companies Mission Statement

This often reveals their value system. Honesty, integrity, and company goals. You can see if you align with their core qualities.

5. Giving Back

What is the companies philanthropic approach?

Does the company give back by supporting a charity/charities?

6. Learning and Development

Who is going to teach you and show you the way forward?

The company or the person who may have enrolled you? Maybe both will have support measures in place.

7. If Possible Attend a Meeting or a Training Session

Check out a training session first hand. You will soon get the ‘vibe’ or not! Chat to others at the training regarding their experience.

8. Check out their Website and Back Office Support

Does the company offer you a personalised website connected to their company website.

9. Online Presence…

Does the company have any online presence or any social media or PR activity?

10. Does the Company Run Promotional and Opportunity Events Throughout the Year

I hope these tips help you in your endeavour in finding your fit in our wonderful world of direct selling!


First published in June 2016.